Supercharged Learning

Most people taking this course right now are doing it while also:

  1. Working full-time
  2. Investing full-time
  3. Studying full-time
  4. Parenting full-time
  5. All of the above

Here at Rask, we believe in the power of lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is not a sprint, it’s a marathon that takes place over your lifetime. To compound your knowledge over your life you need a few key ingredients but most importantly you need to form good habits.

learning process graphic

Here’s how we suggest you take this course:

  1. Prioritise learning by setting aside up to 1 hour per day. Pay yourself first! Notice how we said, “up to”. Even 15 minutes per day will do. For example, try learning during the commute to work, over lunch or ‘smoko’ break, while you’re waiting to grab the kids from school, on the toilet, etc.. Note: if the topic’s video that you’re watching goes for longer than 1 hour, you may need to break it up or adjust your study time to fit.
  2. Put your time for learning before daily news feeds (newspapers, current affairs programs, etc.). The financial news can wait for you to build a base level of knowledge. 99% of what you read, watch or hear in the financial news will be worthless to you tomorrow, next week or next year. The lessons from this course will last far longer.
  3. Apply your learning as you go. One of the hardest things after finishing a course is applying what you have learned. That’s why most of our courses come with downloadable materials or case studies for you to work through. The good thing about finance is there are countless ways to apply your knowledge every single day — and you can do it for free. Don’t be afraid to hold off taking your next lesson while you apply the learnings from the previous one.

Remember, no-one has set a timer on your learning. Keep yourself motivated by doing the program in short chunks.