Key Takeaways – Workshop

The Value Investor Workshop is primarily a course designed for many people, including:

  • Finance students – who want to ace an interview and ‘talk the talk’ (but also see how research is approached in the real world)
  • Private investors – this program will round out the experience that comes with years of part-time investing
  • Finance professionals – professional analysts and portfolio managers have taken this course to improve their skills and knowledge (your boss might even pay for it!)
  • Career changers – this program assumes some knowledge but not much, offering a great insight for those transition to a finance or investment role
  • Business ownersexecutives and managers – good businesses attract good investors and good business people know what makes a good investment opportunity, therefore the benefits from this program will be two-fold for business owners and managers

There are a few key takeaways from the Value Investor Workshop, including:

  • A fundamental understanding of how the share market operates
  • A thorough understanding of investment philosophy and investment process
  • A thorough understanding of investment research and business valuation techniques
  • An overview of the key business valuation tools & methodologies
  • Tools and processes for assessing a company’s competitive advantage
  • Strategies for sourcing, researching and formulating industry growth statistics & research
  • The ability to identify, understand (and avoid) common accounting traps
  • How to filter investment opportunities & get the most from your time
  • A template for assessing and understanding company management and employee morale – even if you haven’t met the CEO or management
  • An intermediate understanding of financial statements and annual reports
  • Downloadable valuation templates and models
  • And so much more!