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Our Most Popular Courses

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Beginner’s ETF Investing Course

Our Beginner ETF Investing course will answer the 10 most common questions Aussies have about ETFs, including what they are, how to get started, what you need to tell your accountant and more. Plus, we take you through 5 steps for getting started and what you can expect.

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A-to-Z of Financial Independence: The Complete Guide

The Rask Money Basics & Budgeting Course is designed specifically for Aussies who need to ‘clean up’ their finances, pay down debt, develop (and follow) a budget (that works) and start investing.

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Valuation Course (Intermediate)

In just 7 easy tutorials, Owen provides the real-world nuts and bolts knowledge of valuation theory, including how to do your own discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, dividend valuations (DDM), ratio analyses and more.

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Beginner Shares Course

The Shares For Beginners course is a free online program that is aimed at helping you understand the basics of investing in Australia, starting with the core terms, definitions, strategies and ideas. 

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Super 101

The Superannuation 101 course is a beginner course designed to help you understand exactly what is Super, how and where to find the information you need, as well as what to look out for as you go. Every Australian should take this course because your Super could be the most important pool of money you have available from all of the hard work you do throughout your life.

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Value Investor Program (online)

The Value Investor Workshop is a comprehensive or end-to-end investing course designed by an investor, for investors. The program takes you through every aspect of investing in businesses, including valuation and modelling, philosophy and investment process, note-taking, filtering and more.

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Boost your career prospects, develop new analysis skills and improve your investment process with our premium value investor program

Take one of our premium courses today to get expert insights, tools, downloads and skills which you can apply in the finance or investment professions, or your own business, from day one. Ace the interview.
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Our courses are designed for finance or investment professionals, schools, students, and graduates. Take what you’ve learned in academia and put it into practice with confidence.

From beginner to advanced, our courses are designed by experts who have worked in the finance or investment industries. 

Our courses are completely online, so you can take a course at your own pace, in your own time. 15 minutes per day is all it takes.

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What Our Students Have to Say

"Would highly recommend the workshop to anybody looking to improve their research and investing skill set. Wish I had of found this course at the start of my investing journey!"
Investor Workshop
Melbourne, VIC
"(The) workshop gives the private investor a look at how a professional goes about evaluating investments. It's great way to level up from buying ETFs and large caps to smaller and lesser known companies "
Investor Workshop
Matt Stubbs, Melbourne, VIC
"Owen is very knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about investing and educating others. I highly recommend any aspiring investor to participate in the workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the share market and stock valuation."
Investor Workshop
Cam, Sydney, NSW
"Owen provided an in depth review of how he analyses stocks, this is an informative workshop that everyone ... benefits from. He provides insight into the valuing of stocks and the thinking that is required to step outside the box and find information on the ground that would be an advantage over other investors focused not doing the leg work."
Investor Workshop
Melbourne, VIC

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