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Value Investor Workshop

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Superannuation 100 – FREE

Superannuation 100 is a course designed specifically to help you answer the basic and most important questions which will affect your wealth.

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Owen Raszkiewicz, Founder & CEO

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"Would highly recommend the workshop to anybody looking to improve their research and investing skill set. Wish I had of found this course at the start of my investing journey!"
Investor Workshop
Melbourne, VIC
"(The) workshop gives the private investor a look at how a professional goes about evaluating investments. It's great way to level up from buying ETFs and large caps to smaller and lesser known companies "
Investor Workshop
Matt Stubbs, Melbourne, VIC
"Owen is very knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about investing and educating others. I highly recommend any aspiring investor to participate in the workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the share market and stock valuation."
Investor Workshop
Cam, Sydney, NSW
"Owen provided an in depth review of how he analysis stocks, this is an informative workshop that everyone ... benefits from. He provides insight into the valuing of stocks and the thinking that is required to step outside the box and find information on the ground that would be an advantage over other investors focused not doing the leg work."
Investor Workshop
Melbourne, VIC

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