What our students say

"This course was amazing. I have only started looking into investing this year and Owen, your approach to teaching on finance gave me so much confidence. Your level-headedness combined with optimism is exactly what I needed. It’s also allowed me to get my wife on board with the idea of investing! Thanks so much!"
Alex Cuttiford
Beginner ETF Investing Course
"Awesome course! For anyone contemplating doing this and wanting to get on-top of your finances I strongly recommend hooking straight in. No doubt this course and info will be the most valuable FREE thing i've ever received! Really grateful. Cheers Owen!"
Money & Budgeting: The Complete Guide
"I never leave reviews, so this is saying something. I really enjoyed this course! Have already recommended it to my friends. Concise and enjoyable information, brilliant for any beginner..”
Thomas Paine
Beginner Shares Course