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The Rask Value Investor Program with Equity Mates is a comprehensive or end-to-end online investing course designed by an investor, for investors. The program takes you through every aspect of investing in businesses, including valuation and modelling, philosophy and investment process, portfolio management, filtering and more.

Designed by analyst Owen Rask, in collaboration with Equity Mates’ Bryce and Ren, the Value Investor Program comes complete with stock market valuation templates, Excel downloads, investing checklists, ASX case studies and hours of HD video.

The Value Investor Program is designed for:

  • Serious investors – if you want to go from second-guessing what you know to be as confident in your company analysis as an investment analyst, the Value Investor Program is designed to supercharge your investment knowledge.
  • Finance students – who want to ace an interview and ‘talk the talk’ (but also see how research is approached in the real world)
  • Private investors – this program will round out the experience that comes with years of part-time investing
  • Finance professionals – professional analysts and portfolio managers have taken this course to improve their skills and knowledge (your boss might even pay for it!)
  • Career changers – this program assumes some knowledge but not much, offering a great insight for those transitioning to a finance or investment role
  • Business ownersexecutives and managers – good businesses attract good investors and good business people know what makes a good investment opportunity. Therefore, the benefits from this program will be two-fold for business owners and managers


What do I need to know before taking the Value Investor Program?

The concepts and strategies discussed in this program are of an ‘advanced’ level. However, most of the lessons and topics will be manageable and understandable for most investors, even if you’ve only been investing a short while.

The technical difficulty of the program increases as you go, meaning the first lessons are very approachable — yet they are arguably the most valuable.

Towards the end of the program, students finish with a walk-through of the valuation process, modelling techniques and real-world approaches to what we’re taught in academia. You’ll also be given blank (and pre-filled) valuation models.

If you have:

a. Been listening to investing podcasts for a few months
b. Read a couple finance or investing books
c. Studied finance, accounting or business at university
d. Been investing in shares or ETFs for 6-12 months (or more)

If you have done any of those things, you will thoroughly enjoy this program and you will get through it. Think of the Value Investor Program as a safe launching pad that ignites your curiosity of business and markets.

Do I need to have studied accounting?

A basic level of accounting or financial statements is good but not necessarily essential. For example, if you understand the basic flow from top to bottom of an income statement (e.g. revenue minus costs equals gross profit) and/or you know the basic differences between the cash flow statement and income statement (i.e. one is cash, the other uses accrual accounting) — that will be more than enough to get started in the program and learn as you go.

How does Value Investor Program 2.0 differ from the 1.0 version?

Hundreds of students enrolled in our original Value Investor Program (1.0) and loved it. Read our reviews.

The Value Investor Program is a substantial improvement on VIP 1.0. In this program, we’ve added many more examples, included more tutorials on valuation and financial statement analysis, included more than a dozen of our interviews, and many more downloads.

If you liked version 1.0, this version is a substantial step-up.

If you’re a current Rask student looking to enrol, email us and you could get a discount for loyalty.

Is the Value Investor Program fully online?

Yes. All videos, materials, tutorials and lessons are fully available online. There are no extra costs for downloading things, accessing models or viewing content.

How long does the course take?

There are dozens of HD videos, podcasts, examples and notes included in the Rask Value Investor Program with Equity Mates.

Some students ‘power’ through the course in one week of intensive study. Others can take a few months by doing 2-5 hours per fortnight. The important part is you take your time, follow the examples and let your curiosity take you where it needs to go.

For example, if we include a link in the course materials tab to a third party website that talks about ‘working capital calculations for discounted cash flow analysis in conglomerates’ and that sounds like your jam, pursue that knowledge then come back to the course.

You have 12 months to complete the course. However, if you need an extension, just write to us.


No reviews have been posted yet for Rask’s Value Investor Program, with Equity Mates. However, you can read all of the reviews from our first program by clicking here.



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