About us

Rask Education is the education arm of Rask, a leading finance and investment hub.

Rask is a diversified investment advice, news, research, financial education, podcast and money network which is Australian-owned and created right here in sunny Melbourne.

Our company was founded in 2017 by Owen Rask, originally to provide financial and investment education to the majority of Aussies and Kiwis who go without.

We’re on a mission to have 100,000 students enrolled in our free finance courses.

Our story

Rask Australia was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. In just a few years, we are now known in the industry for our leading finance and investing educational resources, news, podcasts and courses. 

Right here on Rask Education you can access hundreds of hours of free content in audio, video or text form. Not only that, you can also access our premium courses and content online, in your own time and at your own pace.


We also do NOT accept any commissions, kickbacks or fees from ANY of our course instructors, affiliates or partners.

This is just one reason why Rask is different from just about every bank, financial education service, business podcast network, investment research or financial advice business.

We stand for YOU.

What’s in it for us? Rask’s mission is to help every Aussie and Kiwi live life on their own T&Cs.

Our team didn’t win the birth lottery. We didn’t grow up in fancy houses with lots of money. Nor did we have parents that knew everything about finance.

We had to learn the hard way, and it wasn’t easy. We dream of a world when everyone has equal access to honest, trustworthy information and courses from anywhere, at any time.

So how do we make money?

Just so you know, we make money by charging a small subscription fee to our loyal members who choose to join us for expert investment advice. We also partner with brands for long-term advertising arrangements on our podcasts.

Meet Your course contributors

Owen Raszkiewicz
Lead educator

Owen is the Founder and lead  instructor of Rask Education’s online and in-person courses. 

Owen is a former investment adviser and analyst. He has created programs and courses attracting thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of users. Owen has conducted Workshops and Events across Australia in corporate, education and private settings.

Kate Campbell
Rask educator

Kate is a Rask Educator. She is the genius behind Rask’s FIRE course, the co-host and overseer of our extremely popular podcast series, The Australian Finance Podcast; a social media whiz, and all-round products researcher. Kate is also the Founder of How To Money, including the How To Money podcast. Previously, Kate worked at Citigroup and InvestSMART. She holds a Bachelor of Business Management.

Amy Lunardi
Property Advisor

Amy is an accomplished Property Advocate, Licenced Estate Agent and Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) with 10 years experience in hundreds of property transactions, negotiations and auctions.

Amy is a contributor on our (awesome) property course

Chris Bates
Mortgage Broker

In 2014, Chris Bates started Wealthful to change the way young families made property decisions and in turn better prepare themselves financially.

Eight years on, Wealthful has helped 100s of young families purchase their first home, upgrade in to a new home or purchase an investment property.   

Chris is also a contributor on our property course.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

What our students say:

"This course was amazing. I have only started looking into investing this year and Owen, your approach to teaching on finance gave me so much confidence. Your level-headedness combined with optimism is exactly what I needed. It’s also allowed me to get my wife on board with the idea of investing! Thanks so much!"
Alex Cuttiford
Beginner ETF Investing Course
"Awesome course! For anyone contemplating doing this and wanting to get on-top of your finances I strongly recommend hooking straight in. No doubt this course and info will be the most valuable FREE thing i've ever received! Really grateful. Cheers Owen!"
Money & Budgeting: The Complete Guide
"I never leave reviews, so this is saying something. I really enjoyed this course! Have already recommended it to my friends. Concise and enjoyable information, brilliant for any beginner..”
Thomas Paine
Beginner Shares Course

Start learning now:

Start learning now: