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The Shares For Beginners course is a free online program that is aimed at helping you understand the basics of investing in Australia, starting with the core terms, definitions, strategies and ideas.

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The Shares For Beginners course is a free online program that is aimed at helping you understand the basics of investing in Australia, starting with the core terms, definitions, strategies and ideas.

What you’ll learn…

This program is designed for individuals and couples who are just kicking things off. It introduces you to key knowledge of the sharemarket and investing more broadly, including:

  • How to invest for the first time
  • What shares represent and how to think about creating wealth from shares
  • Dividends, what they are, how they are paid and the key dates
  • An explainer of the common investing terms you’ll come across online (earnings profit versus revenue, EBITDA, etc.)
  • Franking credits, including how they work and what they mean
  • Investment risks and what people mean by low/medium/high risk investing
  • Lots more

What you will get from this course…

While we say this is a beginner’s program it covers just about everything you will want to know about investing. While it’s a short course, if you successful complete this free course we hope that you will be able to make educated decisionsengage with a finance professional with confidence and help to set yourself up for financial success over the long run.

That’s not half bad for a free online course, right?

36 reviews for Shares For Beginners

  1. Nhan (verified owner)

    Simple to understand

  2. theopacman (verified owner)

    Thanks Owen,
    After listening to the podcasts and now the rask education courses I’ve built the confidence to jump min and have a go.
    Thanks mate

  3. nicholas farrands (verified owner)

    thanks for clarifing the jargon

  4. AHMED AHMED (verified owner)

    Great simple illustrative course especially for beginners

  5. nerida (verified owner)

    Simple to understand and useful information. Thanks very much.

  6. heathersomerville (verified owner)

    Great, simplified course. Thank you

    • Owen Raszkiewicz

      Thank YOU for taking the course. I’m glad you liked it, Heather.

  7. kmmac7 (verified owner)

    Easily explained! Loved it!

    • Owen Raszkiewicz

      Awesome — thanks!

  8. kurthenry9 (verified owner)

    Great course for beginners. All the basic information to get started. Thanks Owen

  9. jpsteyl (verified owner)

    short and sweet! Providing the basics and building confidence to get started with investing in the share market, thanks.

    • Owen Raszkiewicz


  10. Trevor Myers (verified owner)

    Great course Owen! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get involved in the stock market.

  11. mstrparkes (verified owner)

    Here is the place to start, its like that ‘No Shoes’ guy out there but for trading!

  12. Megan Voss (verified owner)

    Great and simple course to follow! Also perfect in length.

  13. ash_daroza (verified owner)

    Valuable information explained well and provided in an easy to follow format.

  14. Aakash Pathak (verified owner)

    Very well presented and useful for beginners. You won’t regret your time! Thank you Owen.

  15. Steve Saunders (verified owner)

    Excellent intro.
    Simple and accessible but still learned quite a bit and filled a lot of gaps.

  16. Parnian (verified owner)

    excellent layout and everything was explained really well

    • Owen Raszkiewicz

      Thrilled you got value from it. Thanks!

  17. Simon OB (verified owner)

    excellent intro- can’t go wrong

  18. Tim Huggins (verified owner)

    Easy to follow and a great starting point for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge about the share market.

    • Owen Raszkiewicz

      Wonderful. Thanks, Tim!

  19. Erica Santos (verified owner)

    Easy to follow, simple language. Great for beginners!

    • Owen Raszkiewicz

      Thanks, Erica!

  20. chaminda Vidanapathirana (verified owner)

    brilliantly simplified explanations, specially the jargons. thank you Owen

  21. j.mcevoy (verified owner)

    Really on point Owen! Well done:)

  22. Derek Schroff (verified owner)

    Fantastic intro to understanding shares. Doesn’t make you an expert overnight but makes you aware of the things you need to know to confidently invest

    • owenr

      Brilliant — that’s the gist of the beginner programs! Thanks Derek!

  23. maddyb (verified owner)

    Great intro into shares to pique your curiosity

  24. Seb Voitot (verified owner)

    Easy to understand, Thank You

  25. Thomas Paine (verified owner)

    I never leave reviews, so this is saying something. I really enjoyed this course! Have already recommended it to my friends. Concise and enjoyable information, brilliant for any beginner. Thanks Owen! You clearly enjoy what you do, keep up the good work.

    • owenr

      Helluva comment, Thomas – you should do it more often 😉

      Thanks a heap mate.

  26. talia (verified owner)

    Great simple overview for those wanting to put their foot in the door. Do you think in the future you may put out a free course on how to determine a good long term investment vs short term?
    Thanks again!!

    • owenr

      Good idea. Thanks for the suggestion, Talia. We’ll do that. In the meantime, you can head over to for daily updates and investment insights style content. Enjoy!

  27. ian portbury (verified owner)

    nice and easy to understand

  28. Matthew Hibbs (verified owner)

    Excellent base knowledge. Thank you.

  29. Shane Mckinnon (verified owner)

    Thanks very much for a great quick course. Especially the explanation of the jargon. Looking forward to completing the others and beginning my journey into the sharemarket.

  30. (verified owner)

    Well done Owen. Been investing for some years but even going back to basics can reinforce and refresh.

    • owenr

      Thanks mate, I’d love to claim all of the credit for this but Cathryn and Sophie helped so it was really a Rask team effort. Cheers! Owen

  31. traceyc (verified owner)

    More easy learning, thank you.

  32. Tayla Archard (verified owner)

    Really simple/easy to understand! Thanks so much for using real life examples to make it easier to grasp.

  33. louisryan (verified owner)

    Great course simple easy well put together.

  34. eamon (verified owner)

    A great starting point and Overview

  35. Steve Saunders (verified owner)

    Valuable info presented in a really accessible way. Great course.

  36. Daniela Arsenis (verified owner)

    Great course and very well laid out so easy to follow and understand!

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