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Kate’s Career Kickstarter Course is an online program to advance your career and prepare you for any workplace challenge. This professional development course will provide you with practical negotiation and networking skills together with the ability to develop a solid plan to progress your career.

All the information within this Kickstarter Course is brought to you by Kate Campbell, host of The Australian Finance Podcast and creator of the Rask Education FIRE Course.

What you’ll learn in Kate’s Career Kickstarter Course

This valuable online course covers methods to:  

  • Explore different professional options 
  • Make confident career choices 
  • Stand out from the crowd when applying for new positions
  • Build meaningful connections through networking
  • Develop job-ready money skills
  • Understand superannuation and how to select the right fund for you
  • Keep your skill-set robot free
  • Earn promotions and invest in yourself

With a range of awesome interviews, videos and tools, this course is overflowing with valuable resources to ensure you’re career ready! This course is a great starting point to improve your career skills for the ever changing world of work.

How does this course work?

Our goal at Rask Education is to offer practical skills and financial development in a flexible format. We’re so keen to help Australians achieve their financial and professional goals that we’ve created beginner-friendly courses that you can take at your own pace.

This short course is structured so that it can be completed in just 15 minutes a day over a couple of weeks or in one weekend, so that you can start using those new skills right away! This course is perfect for your lifestyle, no matter where you’re starting in your journey, to improve your professional skills and advance your career. 


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