21 saving & investing ideas for 2021

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Here’s a list of 21 great personal finance saving and investing ideas to get you started on the right foot in 2021!

Number 1: Get on Gumtree or Marketplace

Put your unwanted Christmas presents on Gumtree/Marketplace or return if possible!

Number 2: Cancel those subscriptions 

Cancel your unused entertainment subscriptions while the sun’s out – go for a hike and explore your nearby suburbs.

Number 3: Automate, automate, automate

Set up all your account automations so you can crush your savings goals this year.

Number 4: Get some lazy meals

Get some food for the freezer/pantry that can be used for a quick meal when you’re tired or lazy – no $6.99 delivery fee in sight.

Number 5: Share a coffee (if you dare)

My Dad’s tip for all those with a partner, share one large coffee between two, rather than two separate coffees. Not sure how well this will go down, but worth a shot!

Number 6: Consider Sunday meal planning 

Is 2021 the year you start planning your meals for the week on Sunday and meal prepping? Give it a go while you’ve got the energy this month.

Number 7: Is 2021 the year of dinner parties?

Start having picnics and dinner parties at home to cut down the costs of going out for dinner. Alcohol is much cheaper from Dans than from the menu!

Number 8: Crush your bills

In true Kill Bills style, call up all your service providers (gas, electricity, water etc.) and see if you can negotiate a better deal, or pay 6 months in advance for a discount.

Number 9: Make money from your spare things

Spare room, garage, car park, boat, car, caravan etc? Find a way to rent it out and get some extra money into your savings account.

Number 10: DIY herb garden

Try growing your own herbs and salad ingredients, even if it’s only a few pots on the balcony. Much more cost-efficient (and environmentally friendly!) than buying packaged fresh herbs from the supermarket.

Now moving onto some investing ideas…

Number 11: Invest in your health

Invest in your health, there’s no point being wealthy and dead. A gym subscription isn’t necessarily a waste of money if you actually use it. Go to the dentist, get a health checkup, sort out your nutrition and diet, see the physio and so on.

Number 12: Crush your debt

Focus on paying down your high-interest debt – this can often be a more sensible financial decision than investing if your debt has a high interest rate.

Number 13: Consider a small home renovation

If you own your own home, maybe you could take on a small renovation project to improve your home’s value (do your research first before sinking $50k into that pool though).

Number 14: Become Australia’s next top barber

Invest in a set of hair clippers and get your partner/loved one to do your hair, great return on your investment if they’re good, otherwise it’ll be an entertaining experience for your friends and family.

Number 15: Start focusing on buying reusable items

Invest in reusable things like straws, drink bottles and containers.

Number 16: Try investing with small amounts

If you’re brand new to investing – set the goal of investing $500 – $1000 this year to get comfortable with the process, you don’t go from 0 to 100 straight away!

Number 17: Invest in your education

Invest in your education, whether that be courses, books, lessons, experiences…it’s always worth it.

Number 18: Sort out your investment plan for 2021

Sort out your investment goals and plan for the year – think about how much are you going to invest each month, how are you going to invest it and what are you going to invest it in.

Number 19: Explore tactical ETFs 

If you’ve got your core portfolio set up, maybe explore the idea of thematic ETFs, where you can express your views in a certain sector like healthcare, tech or even a country, e.g. India.

Number 20: Research one company

If you’re interested in investing in individual companies, set yourself the educational challenge of fully investigating one company that you’re interested in (we’ve even got a free valuation course to help you with this).

Number 21: Treat yo’self!

It can be easy to wrap yourself up while trying to improve your savings and investing goals (I’ve been there) but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses (and buy yourself a good book).

Kate Campbell

Kate Campbell

Kate Campbell is the founder of How To Money (HTM), a personal finance platform for young Australians. Kate created HTM from a passion to help young Australians start talking about money, and share the resources she finds along her financial education journey. This led Kate to start her own journey to financial independence a few years back and she now works in the Australian financial services industry.

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