Top Australian personal finance apps in 2021

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This article shares Kate Campbell’s top Australian personal finance apps for 2021 to help you save and invest, better.

I often mention different apps that I’ve found helpful when it comes to my personal finances on The Australian Finance Podcast, but in this article I’m bringing them all together for you in one spot. From record-keeping, budgeting, banking, investing and making money, there’s an app out there for most things nowadays, so in this piece I’ll share some of my favourites. 

Just so we’re clear, I have no financial arrangements with any of these companies, and are purely mentioning them as they’ve been helpful to me. Of course, this is also a non-exhaustive list, so make sure you do your own research and find the best solution for your own unique needs!

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

Frollo: tracking spending

Frollo is a great tool to track your spending across multiple accounts, set financial goals and track your monthly budget. Plus, you can securely link your accounts without sharing your password using Open Banking.

Google Sheets: tracking your budget & net worth

I use Google Sheets for many things, but it’s a great tool to use when crunching numbers and tracking your net worth.

Sharesight: investment reporting

Sharesight is a saviour when it comes to tracking investments across multiple markets and portfolios, plus plenty of reports to help you out at tax time. You can track up to 10 holdings for free, so it’s certainly worth checking it out.

Up: superpowered banking

Up is banking reimagined, and nothing like those stuffy old savings accounts you’re used to. With all the tools and features you could want, you’ll be on track to hitting your savings goals in no time and enjoying the process. 

CommSec: ASX online broker

I’m still a little old school, but CommSec hits the spot when it comes to buying ASX shares for me. Plus, it’s a great tool to use to track companies on various watch lists, set up company alerts and access key data and announcements. 

Please note, there are cheaper brokerage options available which might be better suited to you, which Owen and I cover in this video.

Stake: US online broker

When it comes to ease of use and user experience when buying US shares and ETFs, Stake is a great place to start. Stake is a fractional trading platform, which means you can buy just $5 of Disney shares if you like. 

Raiz Invest: micro-investing

It’s often difficult to know where to start when investing, micro-investing apps like Raiz can help you dip your toe in the water. Raiz is an easy to use app with different investment options and round-up features. 

Twitter: news & investment community

While not strictly a finance app, I’ve found Twitter to be a great source of news and wisdom, if you put some effort into curating your information feed. Look for people you respect in the finance industry and see who they follow, it can be a helpful starting point. I also find Twitter to be a good source of opposing arguments, so you can ensure you’ve got the full picture when making an investment.

Australian Financial Review: market news

Finally, I want to leave you with a great source of Australian financial news. While free to download the AFR app, you will have to subscribe to access all the content. However, I personally find it to be a useful tool in staying aware of the business and investment goings on around me.

What are your favourite personal finance apps?

Let us know your favourite money and investing apps by joining our online community! I’d love to hear about the tools that have helped you on your personal finance journey.

Kate Campbell @ Rask

Kate Campbell @ Rask

Kate Campbell is the co-host of The Australian Finance Podcast with Owen.

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